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变成: 1. to change into 2. to turn into 3. to become Relative explainations: Examples: 1. 水被加热时,可以变成水蒸汽。 Water can be changed into vapor when heated. 2. 雨变成了雨夹雪。 The rain turned to sleet. 3. 毛虫会变成蝴蝶...

change...into 把......变成 例句 1.Please change Chinese into English. 请把汉语转换成英语。 2.Can you change U. S. dollars into Euros? 您能将美元兑换成欧元吗?

什么手机 先说吧 一般是 设置-手机设置-语言 里面有 英文 :MENU(菜单)——SETTINGS(设置)——PHONE SETTINGS(手机设置)——LANGUAGE(语言设置

由….制成(看不出原料): be made from 由….制成(能看出原料): be made of

Today, many young people no longer choose to work steadily, they are more willing to start their own business, relying on their own wisdom and struggle to achieve self value. Youth entrepreneurship is the source of future econo...


男人 翻译成英文是man。 解释: man 英[mæn] 美[mæn] n. 男人; 人类; 男子汉; 雇工; vt. 使振作; 操纵; 给…配置人员; 在…就位; int. (表示惊讶、气愤等) 嘿,天哪; [例句]He had not expected the young man to reappear before eve...

这要看你表达什么意思: 若是:我就是我,不是其他人。 则:I am who I am! 若是:我就是我,我的性格就是这样了 则:I am what I am.

be made from /of ...由.....制成 Nylon is made from air, coal and water. 尼龙是由空气、煤和水加工制成。 Some bowls were made of pottery and wood. 一些碗是用陶土和木头制成的。

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